Yu Ayato

NFT OG since 2018
Co-Founder of BAYC Japan, Azuki Japan community.
Angel Investor of many Blockchain projects.
Creative Director of CloneGirls.

Utilizing his career as an artist and knowledge of the blockchain industry, he acts as a bridge between various industries. Actively supports the activation of the Web3 community, such as helping to launch NFT communities such as BAYC Japan and Azuki Japan.
As a founding director of Japan Blockchain Week Association, and MetaverseJapan association,he works to connect the Japanese web3 industry with overseas communities.

also,one of the organizer of Japanese oldest NFT conference NonFungibleTokyo since 2019.

Developing own audio-visual NFT under the name of crypto artist VJyou.
Founded the Metaverse Gallery Vportal Gallery.


Co founder of Bluechip communities in Japan

Angel Investor



Creative Director


Web3 New century

"What is Web3? What's next?" If you have questions like these, this book will give you some answers. However, Web3 is currently in progress and the speed of change is fast, so I think it is quite difficult to predict the future. That's why in this book, through interviews with top runners, we try to understand "what will happen from now on?"

Appearing in this book are the founders of the Web3 investment giant Animoca Brands, the co-founders of YGG, and the founders of Metaverse Decentraland and more.




His work is always strongly connected with “memory”.

Memory is an important elements to identify who am I . But at the same time, it’s a wall which make limit of your imagination.His work help you to realize how you are watching this world.how you are facing with yourself. And always trying to realize we have same memory from very old era.This is why he set hid VJ name as YOU.His work will be finalized inside your soul.

–Visual Works history–

I started working in the visual art industry in 2006.

I've always wanted a way to share the light I feel when I close my eyes with others. In a fateful encounter with visual programing, I decided to make this an endless record of life.

2006:solo exhibition “sound gallery Rain” at Harajuku design festa gallery ,Tokyo,Japan

2008:solo exhibition “sound gallery Line” at yotsuya  Art Complex center of Tokyo,Japan

         recognized as world’s one of the 7th GrandVJ artist by Arkaos,inc(Belgium)     


2009:Live Cinema”stopped clock” at Yokosuka Grasp the sky,Japan

2014 April:Live Cinema “Journey” at Osaka BanquetHouse,Japan

2014 OCT :Live cinema”awake”at 38th World Dance Congress CID UNESCO, Tokyo 

2015:Live cinema”Raven “ at Tokyo,Japan

2016:Live cinema  “Reunion” first played at Tokyo,Japan

2016:Projection Mapping”sun in the basement” Niigata Minatopika,Japan

2017:Visual Lighting portlates”Soul expansion” Tokyo

2019 Feb:Visual Lighting works”winter light festival”at reykjavik Harpa concert hall,Iceland

2019 Apr:Audio interactive performance ”calling”at Naoshima Town’s people Hall,Japan

2020 joined the 75th  Japan ACA National Arts Festival as "Mes lumière de Paris"